If there is one thing we have learned over the years, it’s that our work supports serious, high-stakes industries. When a medical device company that specializes in spinal surgery technologies comes to us with a need, we see beyond the bottom line. We see the bigger vision, and we take pride in serving it. When a client’s order size is based on a critical but limited demand of patients facing spine surgery, we respond with the knowledgeable, common sense values for which we are known.

For over 15 years, Unity Tool has been working with a medical device company that provides innovative, anatomy-conserving technologies for spine surgeons and their patients. Our customer’s other machining supplier didn’t seem to value the business from small, low quantity orders, and randomly started quoted very long lead times and very high prices.  This customer came to us after they were told by their supplier that their order volumes were just too small, and the supplier would no longer work with them. When you consider the context of patients needing spine surgery and it’s technology, the urgency behind the timeline and what we are providing becomes crystal clear.

We approached the customer with innovation in mind and listened to their engineers tackling challenges. Together, we looked to identify areas where we could be more responsive and help reduce manufacturing costs. As a result, we were able to turn their orders around in a reasonable amount of time, in contrast to the other supplier’s quote with a long lead time. And as a reputable and honest company, we did so without price gouging them. We provided both a price quote and a timeline they could live with.

While companies may not have the luxury of making unlimited demands, our customers appreciate the unwavering honesty, experience, and humility that comes with a working relationship with Unity. At the end of the day, our customers find us to be reasonable with pricing, and consistent in holding to our quoted delivery dates when other suppliers over-promised and under-delivered.

Customers can count on Unity Tool to communicate whenever an issue comes up so that transparency is preserved and expectations are upheld.